Carlos Del Secco - the art of romance and discovery of religion

Carlos del Secco is a brilliant artist whose flair and originality can be traced back to his upbringing. Born in Latin America to Italian parents, it was his mix of passion and analysis that allowed him to depict his work in such a fine manner.


Moving to study in Italy, he went to Rome, where he adored the romantic vision, finding it to be simulating and inspiring. Here, he pursued his dream of developing himself into an artist by attending Rome’s Academy of Art, where he enhanced his knowledge of culture and art by pursuing life drawings. After perfecting this skill, he further augmented his artistic inspiration by graduating from the University of Architecture, located in Venice.


It was during his university journey that Del Secco embraced the significance of symbolism that draw him back to his birthplace to decipher and analyze art as an expression of archetypes. For Del Secco, he considered art as a medium through which one can meditate over one’s inner-being.

From his growth and throughout his journey of artistic discovery, Del Secco was able to express and capture the essence of beauty and the harmony of form in the purest of all forms.