Alexander Kaprichev: An Endless Talent

Alexander Kaprichev (1945-2008) was an exceptionally eclectic expressionist painter who has left to posterity an incredible collection of creations worthy of the Great Masters. His artistic inspiration clearly comes from American Abstract-Expressionism with his pure and highly contrasting colours that denote all the enthusiasm and passion of the artist. Alexander Kaprichev’s creative soul has given life to a considerable production that ranges from paintings, drawings, prints, watercolours to monumental art – murals and tapestries, as well as writings revealing his reflections and attitude on life and art. In each genre he captured the spectator’s imagination with powerfully impressive compositions and fascinating atmospheres.


With a complex and stunning colour palette, the artist’s meditative abstract creations remind us of the transcendent fields of colour by Mark Rothko and all the elements of his pictorial language merge into a harmonious whole made of unpredictable combinations. The viewer is continuously fascinated by his rich and dynamic vision in which soft shapes and curved lines melt into an intense maze of unknown worlds and unexplored boundaries.


We dive straight into the soft hues inspired by the innermost dreams of a painter who amazes in each genre and style he has faced.


The texture and the shades could be completely different, but the entire line of work finds a perfect balance and consistency thanks to the endless creativity of this Bulgarian genius. Alexander Kaprichev has the power to reveal a deep and meaningful beauty in few touches of skilled brushwork, enforced by a marvellous palette choice. Whether it’s a watercolour, a drawing or an oil on canvas, one will be influenced by the positivity of Alexander Kaprichev’s masterpieces. His work was selected for the London Art Biennale 2015 and other important exhibitions all around the world.


Elena Foschi