Annarita Graziano's art speaks an international language

Annarita Graziano, artist based in Rome, was selected for the prestigious Chianciano Biennale 2013. During the exhibition, which saw thousands of people visit the Chianciano Art Museum, Lonnie Schlein was stuck by the Graziano's artwork - "These painting's talk to me."


Lonnie worked for the New York Times for 35 years as a photo editor. He worked in all areas of the newspaper including the arts sections and was also responsible for selecting the front page image. Lonnie has huge experience art and even though there was a language barrier between him and Annarita Graziano, the artist, there was no such barrier with the paintings during his visit to Italy and to the Chianciano Biennale.




The Museum receives thousands of applications per year from up to 50 different nations and this year Graziano's work represented Italy. Graziano has been very well received by the critics and by the public and we may well be seeing her work in USA soon.






Top right - Lonnie Schlein and Annarita Graziano
infront of her painting "Papagalli"

Left - The Chianciano Art Museum

Bottom right - "Papagalli" by Annarita Graziano