2015 Chianciano Biennale: Art at its highest level!

Words are always reductive and never enough when trying to describe events of such importance, prestige and quality as this year’s Chianciano Biennale.

The Art Museum of Chianciano organised an amazing melting pot of art forms for this 2015 edition of the Biennale. Painting, sculpture, digital art and photography were all on show for the pleasure of collectors, art experts, guests and visitors.

The whole town of Chianciano was involved in the outfitting of a sequence of events of overwhelming quality and variety. Parades, flag-dancers, conferences, concerts, wining and dining and of course contemporary art from all over the world.

I chose eleven artists that particularly captured my attention among the one hundred that were selected for the Biennale.



Giovanna Depalma, from Italy, an incredible figurative painter whose subjects are so sensual and expressive that I found myself wanting to discover the secret behind each chiaroscuro and brushstroke.





Gültekin Bilge, from Cyprus, an amazing artist who managed to move me deeply with his complex figures that exude contrasting and intriguing sentiments through a masterful pictorial technique and use of colour.






Igor Prokop, from Hungary, a painter that gave my spirit a sense of freedom through the dynamic intricacy of his lines. An artist who conveys a message that I felt had to be understood at all costs.






Ingvill Solberg, from Norway, a wonderful artist who uses colour to create depth and capture the light in a typically Scandinavian way. Her mysticism is enthralling and the grace and delicacy of her figures simply beautiful.







Joelle Kem Lika, from France, a painter who had a strong visual impact on me through the use of a rich brushstroke and intense, brilliant colours. I would describe her technique as luxuriant and her subjects as exuberant and full of life.






Lis Engel, from Denmark, an amazing self-taught painter who manages to paint the world around her in an incredibly expressive way. The simple lines and forms, the delicate colours only enhance the charm of her artworks.




Mari Bueno, an eclectic artist who masters various styles and techniques with a strong influence that comes from her roots, Brazil and The Amazon. Her paintings are permeated with the colours and culture of the tropical rainforest. Looking at her works is a truly enriching experience.






Marjorie Schlossman, from the USA, an extraordinary artist that transforms music into visual imagery. Her forms and colours are a symphony of lyricism that gave me the impression of living in a wonderful dream world.




Mark Michael, from the UK, an incredibly complete and insightful artist who manages to capture the most hidden and subconscious elements of one's character and transpose them onto his canvases through his painting and through the hand painted words that further accentuate the inner feelings behind his symbolism. An astonishingly expressive painter.






Mitey Roche, also from the UK, a wonderful artist whose use of colour and minimalistic figures left me with a sense of calm and serenity while contemplating her landscapes and scenes that transport us into on a mystically exotic journey.






Alexander Lee, from Australia, an extremely skilled painter whose atmospheres are conveyed through the forceful chiaroscuro and use of vivid colours in full Renaissance style conveying his messages with strength and clarity.  








This 2015 Chianciano Biennale was a truly inspiring exhibition, a moment of personal growth and enrichment, organised with great attention, taste and expertise by a formidable team of highly experienced connoisseurs of art and the art world.


Thank you Art Museum of Chianciano!