George Kreizler Takes Turner's Romanticism to Modern Art

Who said Romanticism is dead?

george-kreizler-artist-helen-mcfarlaneIn a world full of abstraction, minimalism, and contemporary art, anything pre-twentieth century can often be ignored. But, never fear, artist George Kreizler has been sent from the art gods to bring romance back into our lives. This remarkable Romanticist feast is served with all the trappings of Turner's skill, a pinch of modern landscape, and colours that really pack a punch. Gone are the now archaic scenes of wooden ships on the high seas, and in their place a variety of modern experiences of nature; From a relaxing float down the river Wye in Hereford, to climbing up the grand canyon (without all the physical exertion.) Kreizler’s inimitable talent for re-inventing the fantastic painting techniques unseen since the time of Turner, makes the viewer rethink the way they look at their world.


It is easy to feel like no scene is unfamiliar in the modern age, so we reach for abstraction and surrealism to satisfy our artistic appetites. But this is simply the easy way out. Kreizler’s beautifully crafted paintwork makes one realise the sheer joy of playing witness to true talent and genius. Never again will you be satisfied by anything less than the infinite finesse visible in Kreizler’s paintings. Kreizler infuses his paintings with a sense of idyllic voyeurism that breathes new life into scenes that we think we know. The world itself cannot compare to the majesty of these paintings.



Kreizler is encouraging true appreciation and deeply nuanced consideration of art, as well as the world around us. No matter how calm a piece may appear, there is an electrifying energy running through it that pulls the eyes to read, rather than merely blithely look . This is partially due to the use of intense colour in his paintings; Nowhere do you see a flat expanse of colour. With the multitude of inky blues and tantalising green tones dappled with rich burnt orange sunsets and sharp fluorescent lights, there's nothing wishy-washy about these waters.


Kreizler has proven that it does not take modern technology to record a modern world. Exquisitely applied strokes of perfectly blended colours come so much closer to embodying the world around us, its fleeting, ever-changing vitality. Kreizler believes that art exists to enhance the world we live in, to make us see it in a new light, a depth of thought which truly comes through in his mastery of painting. His phenomenal technique and ideas bring a unique understanding of all that underpins humanity and the world we live in. So stop staring at that blue square printed on photo-paper that you claim understands you, and look at true artistic skill.

By Helen McFarlane

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