From realism to realism, Carol Davison international artist

From concept, photography is related to drawing and painting. The camera obscura1 is the origin of the first camera. Art history of the 20th century could be the story of the various reports has steadily established between photography and painting.
Initially, photography has allowed the paint to liberate the representation of the real. The painters were able to exceed the boundaries of the representations that they are the canteen for centuries. Hence the emergence of groups such as Cubism, Futurism, Surrealism, Minimalism, etc.
Despite this, some artists had continued to be linked with the real: they were the representatives, throughout the 20th century, Figurative painting.
In the 60s, a stream of artists painters began to take over the same codes of photography. They took pictures as tools to start and copied precise way all the effects that were rendered. The use of aesthetic codes of photography in painting is new.

In her artistic practice, Carol Davison maintains and develops the relationship between these two mediums. In a distant country, it is sometimes difficult to transport the equipment imposed by painting. The artist has chosen to use photography to keep visual tracks of what caught her interest. After returning home, she focuses primarily on the work of selection and then grabs again the image.
Painting allows her to master a greater number of elements than photography: she can erase details that are not desired, change some colours, etc. However, her paintings were rarely marked by a very photographic aesthetic. This can be observed in the compositions and especially through the attitude of the models and the impression of "decisive moment" present in allof Carol Davison's images.