A celebration of contemporary art at the 2015 Chianciano Biennale

Today’s art world is full of exhibitions and events all over the world. Among the most important and prestigious we can certainly list the Chianciano Biennale, an extraordinary event and a celebration of contemporary art at the highest level.

Painting, sculpture, digital art and photography on show at the Chianciano Art Museum with many other exceptional exhibitions all around the town of Chianciano.

Bands, flag-dancers, conferences, concerts, wining and dining, set in the unique background of the Tuscan landscape.


A total immersion into art from prehistoric times to today’s most representative contemporary artists from all the 5 continents around the world.



Tanya Alvits, from Denmark, is a very talented abstract and figurative painter whose message and symbolism is highlighted in the subjects of her figurative works, and through the use of vivid, unblended colours of her abstract paintings.





Abraham Dayan, from France, a wonderful artist whose geometrically fragmented figures are of such exquisite elegance and expressiveness. Shapes, lines and colour masterfully used to create an intriguing concept of beauty.






Alexander Telin, from Russia, whose works are characterised by a strong, exuberant passion and accurate draughtsmanship in the way he composes his paintings and in the wonderful details in every part of his canvases.








Angelo Antonio Maristela, from The Philippenes, is an extraordinarily eclectic artist who masters a wide variety of styles and techniques brilliantly. His works are amazing expressions of ability and emotional experiences.







Anne Lise Kaaby, from Norway, an extraordinary painter whose cubist and surrealist inspiration is transformed through her talent into enthralling and captivating artworks of excellent craftsmanship.








Aurore Missud, from France, an artist whose two diverse and differing styles are the expression of a multifaceted creative intellect and elegant brushwork that give her paintings freedom of interpretation and captivating charm.








Beatrice Cofield, also from France, although her many travels have influenced her unique and emotionally inspiring artworks, her paintings are characterised by a flowing movement that is only comparable to another form of art which is music, and forms an integrating part of Beatrice’s painting.






Beddru, from Italy, is a very talented painter and conveyer of messages through the many techniques he uses to express his inner feelings and opinions on life and social issues dear to his heart. A wonderful artist who tells stories using intense and vivid colours he himself creates at times.





Deepa Khanna Sobti, from Singapore, is a painter who uses the palette knife to express the full force of colour and texture enabling us to experience the full energy of her incredible creativity and depth of interpretation.





Evgenia Mileshina, from Russia, has the talent and ability to tell dark, intriguing stories through her artwork. She captures and transports us into an inner dimension of subconscious contents and imaginary landscapes with her wonderful creativity.






CLJ Lancaster, from the USA, a very talented artist whose subjects belong to a world of mystic dreams and subconscious landscapes with a passion and craftsmanship that are so evocative and capturing. Her paintings are moving and enrapturing and speak directly to the soul.









Artists of incredible talent, ability and creativity. Artists that are qualitatively excellent, all selected by the great experts of the Chianciano Art Museum that have put together a true experience more than just an event.