Biennale of Chianciano at the Chianciano Art Museum

The Biennale of Chianciano is possibly one of the most beautiful contemporary art exhibitions in the world. The number of artworks shown is in the region of 400 paintings, sculptures and works on paper that are chosen from approximately 40-50 countries around the world. The show usually attracts a large international following who are able to visit the heart of Tuscany while being immersed in global contemporary art. 

In the 2011 Biennale of Chianciano, the entire town was engulfed with celebrations. In the central square, the wonderful sculpture "The Journey" by Emilie Cummings dominated Piazza Italia, inside the Chianciano Art Museum, there was an exceptional range of artistic creativity - very contemporary paintings by artists such as Carlos Tirado to the intricate paintings by Jette van der Lende. The exhibition was a colorful display of the direction that modern art is taking and we look forward to seeing what Chainciano and its Biennale has to offer in 2013.


Chianciano Biennale images



Chianciano Biennale