Daniela Anfori: the Empathy between Colour and Soul


Daniela Anfori's vigorous creativity gives a spectacular vibrancy to her artistic creations. In particular, the thickness of the paint in her technique enlivens the surface of her canvases. Each touch creates a collision, a deep impact that reminds us of the graphic strokes depicted in the stronger Informal Art and Action Painting. The ardent blood-red masses of coagulation inflame the darkness of her backgrounds to show her powerfully communicative soul. Scratches of pure texture contrast the monochromatic density of the surface, topped with a depth of colour that strikes our perception. At first sight, the spectator feels he is being absorbed and incorporated into a dark and impenetrable vastness, partly due to the large sizes of Anfori's artworks. Subsequently, the eye is immediately captured by the heavy, translucent and concrete colourful areas. These extensive strokes seem to exude the artist's physical effort and impressive mastery in applying them on the canvases, and automatically Anfori's creations acquire a more intense value and a more human connotation, developing a new sympathetic sentiment between artist and viewer. As a result, the spectator is genuinely involved in the creative process that gives birth to a real bond between the painter's innermost intimate genius and the observer. The success of Anfori's artwork derives from this empathy: with a few, condensed and powerful strokes she creates a new world of mutual comprehension. Art doesn't need realistic figures, boundless landscapes or soft faces to give us something profound. The expressive, overwhelming and inspired strength contained in this true artist's touch is what contemporary art is all about.