Diana Malivani: An Inspiring Artist

Diana Malivani inspiring artist art Based in Limassol, Cyprus, Diana Malivani has received much accolade for her stunning artworks and has exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions. Demonstrating extraordinary creative capabilities, particularly when considering the fact that she has no formal artistic training and in fact comes from a medicinal background, Malvani’s career has seen her paintings displayed across Europe and North and South America, sharing her stirring attitude wherever they are hung.


Diana Malivani Inspiring ArtistMalivani works predominantly in oils, however her experimentations with mixed mediums and collage show her willingness to adapt and embrace any creative opportunities that come to her. She finds resonant inspirations from music, which is ebulliently translated in her work through the emotion captured in her use of line and form. By teaching oil painting masterclasses at the Dreams Gallery, Limassol, Diana rhapsodically projects not only her skill but also her joyous point of view to those around her. Diana Malivani is an inspiring artist whose endearingly vivacious personality stimulates her creations and erupts in every artwork.




'Gulls' by Diana Malivani, oil on canvas, above

'Strelitzia' by Diana Malivani, oil on canvas, right