Digital Art and Photography at the 2015 Chianciano Biennale

Another successful Biennale just took place at the Chianciano Art Museum. This 2015 edition of the Chianciano Biennale involved many magnificent exhibitions and events in all the most important landmarks and museums in the Tuscan town of Chianciano Terme.

A celebration of contemporary art in all its most multifaceted forms where a central and very interesting part was played by digital art and photography.

Two very talented representatives of the eclecticism of Italian photography were Cleto di Giustino and Enrico Olmastroni. Aernout Overbeeke a brilliant photographer from Holland, Steffen Faisst, an unusually talented photographer from Denmark and Marcus Riebe a master of digital art from Austria.


Cleto di Giustino is from Teramo, a mostly rural city in Italy, and this has inspired his work strongly in that his interpretation of the countryside goes much beyond landscape photography and right into the very consistency of the land. A point of view that completely enthralls us and takes us into the very essence of the land itself.







Enrico Olmastroni is a more traditional photographer that shoots and prints his works mostly in black and white. His surreal symbolism is enhanced to the utmost by his incredibly vivid and forceful imagery made of atypical perspectives and intriguing significations.


Aernout Overbeeke is a photographer that moves us deeply with his amazing technical abilities and the way his lense captures the soul of his subjects whatever the set and circumstance. He gives us emotions that transform our way of experiencing the world around us.









Steffen Faisst is an extraordinary photographer whose main theme is water. His images of the forms and dynamism of water and the sea in his close-up and macro shots or in his more panoramic views are absolutely stunning.







Marcus Riebe, a digital artist whose compositions are characterised by an amazing sense of perspective. He depicts his subjects at great distances from the background giving a spectacular sense of depth and movement that capture the viewer and engage his attention in a 3D experience that is absolutely enrapturing.










This selection of talents has brought this more technically binding form of expression into the contemporary world of art with a forceful drive that gives this year’s Chianciano Biennale a wonderfully complete dimension.