The Enigmatic Joanna Blair

Many of the great 20th century artists developed their styles through different phases such as Picasso’s ‘Blue Period’ but the enigmatic Joanna Blair appears to have several phases running concurrently; such is the range of her style and technique. One analyses her execution of a spring sky above a wild meadow, open, fresh, a hint of wispy cloud or the power of a rolling wave, splashing from the canvas and wonders how or from where did such disciplines evolve since she is largely self-taught.


At times the very thickness of the paint is almost sculptural, creating an intensity of emotion and a living fluidity.  Blair does like water, which features in one form or another in several works but executed in diverse ways such as ‘Re-entry’, a goldfish diving into a hitherto calm, clear water, creating a myriad of colours on the broken surface; or, ‘Rainy Reflections’ where the paint literally appears to stream down the canvas as if one were viewing through a window, the water distorting the images and colours in the most playful way. I would love to see what this artist would do with snow...not that it’s too commonplace in Australia!


Artworks featured

Left - "Re-entry" by Joanna Blair

Right - "Rainy Reflections" by Joanna Bair