Ercolina Visca: a woman's approach to Fauvism and Cubism

Ercolina Visca is an exceptional Italian expressionist painter whose inspiration clearly comes from the Fauvists and Cubists with her pure and highly contrasting colours that denote all the enthusiasm and passion of the artist.


Ercolina Visca's strong colours and dynamic brushwork evoke a fantastical, joyous world of heightened emotion and colour typical of Derain, Matisse, Vlaminck and van Dongen. 


The objects in Ercolina's backgrounds are flattened onto the canvas giving the interaction between form and space a typically Cubist perspective. 


But here is where the woman's touch transpires and goes beyond the mere transposition of these innovative movements.

Ercolina paints her models with a soft, submissive and serene expression that give her paintings a warm erotic charge. The elongated, angular lines and the almost sculptural quality of the subjects are reminiscent of the great Modigliani.


This juxtaposition of styles gives Ercolina Visca's artworks the touch and delicacy of a woman whose delicacy and ardour transpire forcefully in all its femininity and present the beholder with a completely unique point of view.


This fascinating and enthralling style of painting is what distinguishes Ercolina Visca and makes her one of the female artists most sought after. Her works range from £4,000 to £7,000. A modest amount for such a talented and uncommon artist in the frame of contemporary art today. 

Elena Foschi