‘Dreams and Thoughts Transformed’- Francis Kodankandath

The well-established Indian artist Francis Kodankandath is a gifted creative mind with an immense talent to conceive and execute complex and deeply stimulating compositions. Inspired by his father, the self taught artist from Thrissur has won many awards, including the Xth Florence Biennale Medal in 2015. He has also held over  50 Solo Exhibitions worldwide, including India, Japan, Italy, France, England, America, Thailand & Dubai. Kodankandath’s artwork illustrates extremely intricate and complex compositions that embody and give life to a forceful and spiritual higher power. 


Kodankandath often creates and communicates an almighty force suspended in a wraithlike vista, with radiant hues positioned in a mosaic-like disposition. An important and hugely distinctive aspect in his artworks is the background and its glorious explosive colours of the rainbow. Warm and cold shades are continually interacting, shattering and breaking apart on the pictorial surface. Concurrently fractured and absolute, the portrayals of otherworldly figures are animated and mesmerising.


A dynamic aura dissonantly manifests underneath the rich layers applied onto the canvas - vibrating, breathing, and unleashed upon the viewer. Integral to Kodankandath's works are biblical and spiritual references that capture the observer in a hypnotic trance – dreams and thoughts are contemplated, analysed, and transformed.


Furthermore, Kodankandath's paintings have a glowing visual aesthetic – the lively juxtaposition of boundless bright entities and bold use of chiaroscuro create instant melodramatic effect. His artistic genius of emitting, reflecting and capturing light on canvas, produces diverse sensations on the eye whilst communicating with the viewer. The overlapping opulent hues and forceful convergence of vibrant pigmentation, mirror the systematic composition of a large mural. The artist’s powerful aesthetic instinct, deep-rooted faith and passion, has the ability to totally overwhelm and transfix the spectator.


Kodankandath has also donated works to charity including Rotary Club and many paintings are held in important collections, including Mother Teresa's in Kolkata. Kodankandath is an artist that has a clear outlook on the future of Contemporary Art, albeit rooted in sublime tradition of ancient wisdoms.

Elena Foschi