The iconic Gagliardi Art Gallery on Wheels - parked outside your home

We know all about the 40 year old Gagliardi Gallery, gem of the King's Road in London. 

We know of its incredible array of artists and artworks, all original and above all, really painted!

We know of their amazing collaborations with the Chianciano Museum of Art in Italy - for whom they organise and cure the homonimous Biennale that is second only to the Venice Biennale - and with the London Biennale which is always attended by the Mayor of Kensington and Chelsea and numerous VIPs.

We also know of the warming and welcoming atmosphere that the Gagliardi Gallery is famous for.

But what we didn't know is that Mr. Roberto Gagliardi, brilliant owner of the gallery, invented 'The Gallery on Wheels'. A successful initiative that has been satisfying art lovers for many years.
This consists of a service to clients that prefer to view paintings in the comfort of their own homes. 

One can pop into the gallery and select a series of artworks to give the curators of the project an idea of one's tastes and tendencies. Based upon this data, the gallery will select up to 200 paintings and bring them directly to the client's home, putting them on show on the various wall spaces selected around the house. 

After that the paintings return to the gallery and the client has up to two weeks to contact the gallery to buy what they liked best, by just picking up the phone even.
How easy is that?

Obviously the client has no obligation to buy any of the paintings, but I am willing to bet that the Gagliardi Gallery will always have a special piece of artwork that is just right!

Oh, by the way, don't forget the amazing selection of sculptures this gallery exhibits. If you have a space that could really do with something special, then go take a look at the beautiful range of sculptures. Or better still have them taken over to see how they look in situ.

An extraordinary invention 'The Gallery on Wheels' that I warmly recomend to all collectors and art buyers!