The Gagliardi Gallery: a timeless gem on the King's Road, Chelsea

The Gagliardi Gallery was a pleasant discovery during a stroll along the King’s Road in Chelsea. An elegant, warm, welcoming atmosphere, with an exquisite selection of paintings and sculptures: this contemporary art gallery has built a strong reputation since its opening 36 years ago.

Founded by Italian-Swedish couple Mr Roberto and Mrs Marie Gagliardi, the gallery’s strong identity has remained intact since 1978, offering amongst the best of international contemporary art in the heart of London. The gallery displays the work by as many as 50 artists coming from all over the world, ranging from well-established to emerging talents.


To cite a few, the Gagliardi Gallery presents Italian realist master Pietro Annigoni,  whose portrait of Queen Elizabeth II can be admired at the National Portrait Gallery of London. The gallery also boasts original works my American Pop artist Andy Warhol, works by YBA Damien Hirst and by Palma the Younger, to whom the completion of Titian’s La Pietà is attributed.

This London art gallery has also organised engaging exhibitions at prominent art museums and institutions, amongst which the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Lord Leighton Museum of London.



Thanks to the quality and diversity of the work exhibited, to its reliability and dynamism, and above all its commitment to enhance international contemporary art, the gallery has developed a diverse clientele, varying from Princes and businessmen, to art lovers and enthusiasts, all the while creating a stimulating and rewarding environment for its artists.


The Gagliardi group has always distinguished itself for the excellent organisation and curation of prominent events in the art world, such as the Chianciano Biennale in Tuscany, Italy, by now an unmissable art rendez-vous attracting art lovers from all over the world, and the London Art Biennale, which takes place at the Old Town Hall of Chelsea.

The Gagliardi Gallery has thus established itself as one of the leading art galleries in London.


Roberta Amerini