Artist Gelindo Baron

gelindo baron artistGelindo Baron is a very exciting artist born in 1948. Baron studied under Maestro Wollembourg in Venice and over the years has had his special place in the art world widely recognised as a front runner in Italian contemporary art. 
Baron has been selected for important collections and shows all around the world primarily working with the Gagliardi Gallery in London. In 2011, Baron was selected to be a protagonist along side Giorgio Armani in a show entitled "From Fashion to Passion." In 2012, Baron was commissioned by the Chianciano Art Museum to capture important moments in Italian history in occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Italian Republic - exhibition opened by Italian MP Alessandra Siragusa. in 2014, Baron was added to yet another important collection, the F. Lamborghini Museum.
Baron's works have been published on the British Museum Magazine and have received strong exposire in counltess events such as the London Art Biennale where a painting by Baron was auctioned for charity along side an original Andy Warhol by autioneer Nicholas Bonham, heir of the Dynasty family of Auctioneers and Bonham's Auction house established in 1793.
His work can be found in numerous public art collections and museums including:

► Diocesano Museum; Venice,

► Comunal Art Gallery, Piove di Sacco, Padova;

► Gallery of Modern Art, Cavarzerre, Venice;

► Rovanjemi Statsmuseum, Finland;

► Museum of Art, Chianciano Terme, Tuscany;

► Pinoteca d'Arte Moderna, Piacenza;

► Museum of Science and Work, Milan;

► Villa Cipriani Collection, Asolo;

► Villa Palma Collection, Vicenza;

► Filippin Institute Collection, Vicenza;

► Museum Diocesanum of Sacred Arts, Capua, Naples;

► Mercatello Contemporary Art Museum, Urbino, Italy;

► F. Lamborghini Museum.