ICAC Art Contest selected the best of May: second month, second round of applicants.

The prestigious ICAC Art Contest for emerging and established artists breaks barriers like never before. Artists are able to win huge prizes that range from Saatchi Museum Magazine exposure to Museum exhibitions in Italy. Applications are arriving from all around the world and they will be judged by ICAC’s art critics purely on the basis of talent. The deadline is the 20th July 2016 and here are some highlights of recent applications. From the powerful and expressive abstracts by Uroš Paternu to the soft and elegant floral nuances by Aase Birkhaug, passing through the mordacious and evocative oil on canvas by Riccardo Matlakas. Another interesting artist is Artur Pashkov, with his deep and introspective atmospheric analysis as well as Beddru, who realises radiant and vibrant works on plexiglas. The harmony transmitted by Louise Hävre’s delicate canvases is juxtaposed to the ancient mastery with a modern twist of Rhian Jones’s ceramics while the meaningful installations and artistic performances by Ant Hamlyn amaze the viewer. Tess Pierce turns a flexible plastic light in an intriguing and pure poetry and the captivating digital works by Jeffery Richards have a contemporary touch, in contrast with the colourful mystic world of Igor Prokop and the balanced but passionate geometries in Arkadiusz Kulesza that both transmit a timeless artistic sensation. Good luck to all the participants!


ICAC Art Contest

The selection process is still open: Apply now!


Deadline: 20th July 2016


Some of the best of May: