ICAC and Art Museum of Chianciano

A great collaboration
The International Confederation of Art Critics and the Art Museum of Chianciano Terme in Tuscany, Italy, have had a long and proficient collaboration for years working hand in hand for the benefit of art all over the world.
Now, ICAC has placed its labour at the service of the Museum by publishing a wonderful hardback bilingual catalogue about the Art Museum of Chianciano and its amazing collections of artworks.
A truly elegant and refined publication full of beautiful images about each section of the Museum. 
The Contemporary Art section shows works by Sir Henry Moore, Brian Willsher, Frances Turner and many others, with engrossing annotations about Mario Schifano, Jeane Modigliani and Tom Nash.
The Asian Art section that comprehends artefacts that span from the Neolithic period to the great Qui, Hang and Tang dynasties is presented admirably. Splendid images correlated by historical and extremely interesting information about the artefacts, their origin and their use are presented in a clear, modern and frankly enticing way. 
The Etchings and Engravings section includes works by Van Dyck, Dührer, Delacroix, Piranesi, among others, and is an important study into a part of art history many people know little of. An impressive presentation of masterpieces by the great protagonists of the past.
In the Historical Europe section there is a collection of works from private collections that belonged to the major Royal Families of Europe. Unique and precious in its presentation as in the museum's actual collection.
The Drawings section includes works by De Chirico, Tiepolo, Guercino, Veronese, Annigoni, to name but a few. An extensive analysis about the mother of all techniques is explained and demonstrated through the amazing comments that accompany the masterpieces in question.    
This Art Museum of Chianciano catalogue is an excellent guide to whoever wants to visit the Museum or a wonderful reminder to take home after having visited it. Whichever the case, it is a book of great interest and prestige that will stand in our libraries or lie on our tea tables with style and cultural stature alongside any art book of its calibre.
But ICAC goes one step further: it sells the book on Amazon to increase its diffusion to all who unfortunately cannot travel to Tuscany to see the Museum in person, but are art lovers nonetheless. A great campaign that enhances the promotion of culture and knowledge and brings excellent art to our doorstep at the tip of a mouse!