Leonardo Beccegato selected for the London Art Biennale 2015

Following his success in the 2013 Chianciano Art Awards, the work of the Italian artist, Leonardo Beccegato will be exhibited at the 2015 London Biennale. To date, everything I have seen by him never fails to engage, arrest the attention even; nothing is superfluous and he always creates the most distinctive atmosphere.  This can be in a deserted street or a rural gathering or a study of men seated around a table.  Irrespective of whether or not the subject includes people one often feels one may have interrupted something, caught a still from a film and while the paintings are very narrative their strength is often in their stillness, sometimes melancholic but in a positive sense; there is always a feeling of energy, emotion and always the magical use of Chiaroscuro.
Beccegato sometimes incorporates certain elements that nod at the old masters but against a very contemporary backdrop therefore on the one hand they can be reminiscent of  a bygone age with their often ‘sepia’ treatment but never completely so; he will add indicators of the present that juxtaposed with the former convey a timelessness thereby keeping us in the present and brimming with anticipation.