The London Biennale's contribution to Charity remembered during Rotary Civic Dinner

By Christopher Rosewood, Art Critic


Following a long tradition of Rotary and charity, the 2013 Civic Dinner was a wonderful evening where the London Rotary Clubs of Kensington and Chelsea proudly announced their achievements and successes over the last year. The evening was attended by Rotary Members from all around the world as well as the current Mayor of Chelsea and Kensington, Councillor Charles Williams.

During her speech, President of the Rotary Club of Kensington, Ms Charlotte Pragnell, reminded her friends and colleagues of the impact of the London Biennale, the importance of the art exhibition that not only gathered 120 artists from 40 nations from all around the world but also contributed to charity. Nicholas Bonham, heir of the eponymous dynasty of auctioneers held the charity auction in which numerous artworks were sold - including an original work by Andy Warhol donated by Mr Roberto Gagliardi, organiser of the Biennale and founder of the Gagliardi Gallery in 1978, one of the oldest and most prestigious art galleries in London.


The auction was reported in the Evening Standard and the entirety of the proceeds was donated to Rotary International’s “End Polio Now Charity” and the Salvation Army. Subsequently cheques were presented by Dr. Tillmann Sachs, President of the Kensington Rotary Club, to these great causes.


The evening included speeches by the President of the Rotary Club of Chelsea, Svetlana Oechsle-Sokolova, and speakers from the Salvation Army who explained the significant impact of the donations.


Top - Image from the London Art Biennale 2013.

Left - Nicholas Bonham during the Charity Auction at the Biennale

Right - Mr Roberto Gagliardi with the Mayor of Kensington and Chelsea during the Biennale, Councillor Christopher Buckmaster