The London Art Biennale - The new frontier of contemporary art: a look at the present and at the future


The London Biennale was a modern event held in January 2013 at the Chelsea Old Town Hall. This historical Victorian building that oozes the past of London, the most advanced city in the world, was the perfect location. Moreover, Chelsea is the most prestigious and elegant area in London, where celebrities, artists and well-known people lived and live. The structure of this exhibition was very interesting, as it displayed all the artistic expressions of the last years.

The atmosphere at the London Biennale was a particular ball of colours and artistic expressions, a window to international art, a stage for young and talented contemporary artists. For this reason, not surprisingly, the exhibition featured the masterpiece by Aelita Andre, the youngest artist on earth.




The most interesting artworks were the tangible, fluid and chromatic paintings by Marcel Schreur, Ryszard Milek and Meir Salomon; Seth Bates and Agita Keiri’s figurative paintings were not only a representation of artistic skill, but also of emotionally intensity.

The interpretation of reality that passes through various artistic experiences, shows us once again that to understand the meaning of everything that surrounds us is very difficult.

Albert Camus was indeed right when he wrote: "If the world were clear, art would not exist."


Roberta Zani



Top image: Old Town Hall, Chelsea - Interior Exhibition - London Art Biennale 2013 Exhibition

Image on the left: Old Town Hall, Chelsea

Image on the bottom left: Old Town Hall, Chelsea - Interior 2- London Art Biennale 2013 Exhibition

Image on the bottom right: Old Town Hall, Chelsea - Visitor at the Exhibition - London Art Biennale 2013