Maddalena Zappia, An Artist of Value

Maddalena Zappia is an Italian abstract expressionist painter who has exhibited all over the world. Her works have been on show in prestigious art events such as the London Biennale 2015, at the Old Town Hall on King’s Road, and the Chianciano Biennale 2015, where she is on permanent exhibition as part of the Chianciano Art Museum’s ‘Contemporary Art’ section. 

Maddalena has a natural instinct for beauty. Maybe her formation at the Institute of Fine Art of Vercelli under Maestro Renzo Roncarolo, or maybe just her upbringing in a country, Italy, where beauty is embedded in every corner. The fact is that this exceptionally talented artist has absorbed beauty almost by osmosis and knows exactly how to reinterpret it and transpose it in all her canvases.
Refined lines, extremely balanced colours and a delicate brushwork are characteristic of this fascinating artist. She ranges from figurative to abstract without ever losing her expressiveness. Her creative impulse is such that her works flow from her very soul with simplicity and extraordinary mastery.
An artist on the crest of the wave whose sales are going very well in Europe and the USA, where her paintings are valued from £4,000 to £8,000. Maddalena Zappia is an artist that is both qualitatively excellent and a good investment for any art lover. An absolute must in any public or private collection.