Dr. Martín Raskovsky: A New Interpretation of Reality

Dr. Martín Raskovsky’s artworks have unique and special qualities: far from plain snapshots of familiar landscapes, they are an integral and essential part of the digital expressionist art scene. Powerfully evocative compositions, incredible contrasts of colour and an uncommon use of the “sfumato” technique are the clear strengths of this talented Argentinian artist. Martín has an interesting story and his innate vocation for art has always accompanied his professional life, a seemingly distant field but so essential to his creative process.


Following a First Class Honours degree in Computing Science, Martín obtained a Ph.D., became a Research Fellow at Oxford University and lectured at Essex University. An astounding career that allowed him to “see the ‘obvious’ that others cannot” and translate it into revolutionary art. Therefore Dr. Martín allows us to view something that we can not often perceive: the artistic possibilities enclosed in reality. Martín opens our eyes to new horizons, offering the marvellous world that his creative mind perceives in the observation of his surroundings. Starting from a freeze-frame, Dr. Martín elaborates his photography, turning it into the very substance of his inner thoughts.


A horizon is transformed into pure emotion, a forest becomes a psychological maze of fierce feelings and a woodland path is elevated to mysterious journey of hope. Dr. Martín allows an instant to become eternal, not only by photographing it, but by making us relive the aesthetic explosion of each subject in the form of a colourful fairy-tale. Dr. Martín’s work plays a substantial role in the contemporary evolution of photographic art, conveying deep emotions in each immortalised composition. In fact, Dr. Raskovsky brings fantastic and magical creativity to each static image as the pictures are enriched with narratives and profound sentiments in the forms of fluid dreamlike expressions.