George Gard, Creator of Visual Poetry

Artist, George Gard, is a contemporary visionary capturing the fundamental essence of beauty through fragmentary forms which intrigue and inspire the eye in a way no other work can. Utilising the power of geometric shape, Gard transforms subject matters from a realistic interpretation down to its most raw and natural form, thereby enhancing its power through abstraction. It is through this reduction of shading and form into geometric fragments a viewer is truly capable of appreciating the beauty of the unknown and the mysteries that lie beyond the realm of the realistic; all of a sudden viewers are stripped of their comfort zone and inspired to analyse the emotion of a single colour or how a solitary line can transpose a metaphysical impact in the human psyche. When experiencing Gard’s art, one reminisces about the Geometric Abstraction art movement which dominated the early twentieth century and comparable to the work of Wassily Kandinsky, Gard’s work carries a strong sense of implied musical rhythm and movement. Ultimately, George Gard challenges archaic interpretations of art from bygone days, which believed realism was the only route to please the eye, by undertaking the cubist dogma of reminding society that in a budding age, abstraction and geometry please not only the eye but awaken and intellectually stimulate the soul. Through Gard’s work, no longer is a face merely a face, it is a work of highly emotional poetry transcribed through a series of bold, expressive lines, shapes and colours.