Maddalena Zappia - Review

Extraordinary artist and member of the Anglo-Italian Academy of Art, Maddalena Zappia, rises above the realm of the conventional as her unique artwork combines several different techniques such as watercolour, pencil and pastel. As a classically trained Italian artist, studying under Maestro Renzo Roncarolo of the Institute of Fine Art in Vercelli, Zappia has developed the extremely rare talent of being able to manipulate several different mediums which she utilises to execute her award-winning paintings, having been presented with the Chianciano Art Museum International Art Award. The compositions she depicts are musical in nature and act as a refreshing take on the Cubist movement. Redolent of the works of Fernand Léger in colour and style as well as cubist innovator and icon, Juan Gris, Maddalena Zappia’s paintings carry the same sense of life and dynamism portrayed through bold colours and static lines. Additionally, Zappia can be regarded as a master of colour theory through her careful selection of complementary colours that truly emphasise the emotion and life behind each and every one of her expertly crafted, playful works of art.