Where East meets West: Meir Salomon takes the art world by storm

by Roberta Amerini


Israeli talent Meir Salomon undoubtedly shows great skills in his oil paintings.


Born in Jerusalem in 1947,  Salomon studied at the Avni Institute Tel Aviv, before enrolling at the Rietveld Academie Amsterdam, Netherlands, where he has been living and working since then. Strongly influenced by his country of residence in his choice of style and matter, Salomon masters the play of straight lines, geometric figures and intense colours typical of De Stijl, retracing the steps of artists of the calibre of Theo van Doesburg and Piet Mondrian. Certainly his formation as graphic artist also plays an important role in the composition of his oil paintings.


Salomon elegantly combines eastern culture- and more specifically of his native country- with western beliefs and symbols, in a reality that stands halfway between pure modernism and traditional art. On the one hand, religious motifs and objects, such as the Star of David and texts from the Bible, witness the artist’s deep connection to his origins; on the other hand, the presence of plants and flowers (mostly tulips) and of windows in the typical style of Dutch architecture emphasises Salomon’s fascination with western culture.


Since his debut as an artist, Salomon has always shown passion, technique and originality, all of which led him to great success and international recognition. Winner of the first prize at the Chianciano Biennale, Italy, in 2011, Salomon has not only participated in numerous group exhibitions in Central and Northern Europe and Israel: his work has been exhibited at several one-man shows in many countries, including Denmark, France, Italy and Israel.