Mark Michael artist

The International Confederation of Art Critics, in the person of art critic Karen Lappon, has hailed Mark Michael as the Basquiat of the 21st century.


Mark Michael is a young emerging figurative artist with an incredible talent. Interpreting his paintings is a journey that begins with the titles of each piece that represent an important part of Mark Michael’s insightful ability to capture the human soul with all its anxieties and contradictions. The second step, is the written hand painted phrases that Mark Michael paints on each canvas and that represent the mask or facade that everyone, at some point or another, builds and hides behind. Lastly, the painting in itself. The incredible symbolism that surrounds each protagonist is a talking point for any bystander captivated inexorably in the search for an interpretation revealing at the same time his most hidden subconscious mind.

An artist that is valued from £3.000 upwards in Europe and America and that is full of promise in the contemporary world of art today.