Patrick Ybartina, Hero of the New Generations

Patrick Ybartina is an abstract and figurative expressionist painter with a long and successful career behind him. One would think that young emerging artists wouldn't relate to his work but on the contrary he is a hero among young street artists who appreciate and are inspired by Ybartina's style and talent. 

You only need to pronounce his name and all the admiration reserved to his fame transpires forcefully. Is it in the technique or in the unique vision of the world he applies to his canvases? Ybartina has clear ideas and an extremely modern outlook on an always more confused direction art is taking. Maybe it's this certainty that leads the path of new generations towards a form of art that actually takes them off the streets to elaborate and help them create their own individual style in the personal and introspective environment of a studio. 

Whatever the case, Ybartina is a beacon, a master, a leader. He represents the trends of extreme contemporary art and gives answers to questions that other artists cannot satisfy. His means of communication is direct, powerful and enthralling. His canvases are dynamic and intriguing. His use of colour is amazingly full of taste whatever tonality he decides is preponderant at the moment and highlights the remarkable energy in his compositions. 

Ybartina represents the ideal figure for a both old and new philosophical approach to painting. That is why his paintings are so requested and appraised by all major collectors and experts in the world of art today.