Richard Allwine- the musical artist

Richard Allwine is the epitome of talent. Developing and honing his skills from a young age, his abilities knew no boundaries. From music to painting, Allwine excelles in a form of expression that attracts his creative instinct.

Allwine’s artistic prowess matured whilst embracing the musical harmony needed for developing more visual channels. It was this vision that led him to completing a masters degree in piano, at Indiana University, in the early 1990s. It was his relationship with music that has intensely shaped his career as his attention to fine detail and meticulous precision can be seen in all of his works. After mastering music, he turned his focus towards art. For a while, Allwine perfected the ability of wood graining and marbleizing among other talents learning this by self studying so as to create his own uniques methods. soon he opened up his own business using his talents to restore ornamental plaster, for mold-making and for casting. it shows how much of a skilled and adorned artist he was, at that point, that his work can still be found in places like Mt.Vernon and Bolton Hill neighbourhoods of Baltimore.Eventually, Allwine transitioned to the contemporary arts, studying intensively to master the techniques. He was mostly self taught, attending both the Schuler school and the Matt Zoll Studio for only short periods.Allwine himself states that he was able to learn by taking inspiration from great artists such as John Constable and Claude Lorrain. Through hard work and dedication, he was able to construct a meticulous method as to how he set about doing his work. This method included refining his preparatory drawing and then adding in elements of colour, harmony and improvisation, which, when brought together, cause the painting to come to fruition.

Richard Allwine is a detail-orientated artist whose commitment to the aesthetics of landscape brings about a refined and modern twist on classical views. Through his original love of performing art to his gradual change to visual art, being creative and artistic has always been in Allwine’s nature