Salvador and Jose' Dali, father and son - the final voyage



The life of Salvador Dalì is a life full of wonder, numerous successes, meetings with Kings, Queens and some of the most important people in the world. A part of his life was however secret and kept away from the eyes of the public. Dalì was a man and like all men, he is no exception when he looks towards the end of his life and death. In the photograph of Salvador Dali and his son, Jose’ Van Roy Dali, we do not only see a sick man with his son at his side but we also see the fragility of the man, a man that is an artistic genius who left fantastic and astonishing artworks and who gave to humanity a rich heritage of art and creativity. 




Salvador’s son, Jose Van Roy, is close to him, hand in hand looking towards his father with affection and admiration in wait for the last moments of his father’s life. In this photograph we do not only view a final journey but also an ongoing journey in which we see two Dalìs, not the charismatic personas that we are accustomed to, not the extravagant characters that we read about on the newspapers and see on the television, but the real human beings, united in this sad moment.

A symbolic testament, a silent message between Van Roy and Salvador that will prove to have a strong impact on Jose’s life.