Sculpture: a protagonist of the 2015 Chianciano Biennale

The Art Museum of Chianciano has just closed its doors on the 2015 edition of the Chianciano Biennale.
A spectacular event that involved many an exhibition all around the town of Chianciano combined with parades, concerts, conferences and dinners with exceptional food and wine in the best Tuscan tradition.
Set in the beautiful frame that is this wonderful Etruscan area of Italy, the focal point of the Biennale was of course, contemporary art in all its forms.


Eight very talented sculptors exhibited their pieces for collectors, art critics, journalists and guests to admire and appreciate.

Mitch Barrett from the UK, an excellent artist who draws his inspiration from mythology and the world of fantasy. His sculptures remind us of the magnificence of ancient Greece with a very personal albeit classical touch.


Ayhatun Ateşin from Turkey, exhibited her fascinating series of ceramic shoes reminiscent of the Capodimonte masterpieces and Meissen porcelain with a more exotic and culturally distinguishing draughtsmanship.




Han Sai Por from Singapore, is an eclectic sculptress whose works are purely postmodern with a remarkable capability to use various medias, from granite to marble, from glass to bronze, with an exquisite taste and texture.




Graham Hay from New Zealand, an incredibly skillful artist whose paper clay creations are of such delicacy and beauty reminiscent of Bernini’s touch on his marble masterpieces.


Preben Jensen from Denmark, an abstract sculptor whose works emerge from a purely imaginative and emotional dimension without the use of a more academic preparation, making his creations a wonderfully sensory experience. 










Lidia Russo from Italy, an artist that captures all the primal force of nature and transforms it into her forceful and evocative figures with all the artistry of a great philosophical and technically experienced master.



Brigitte Saugstad from Austria, is a sculptress whose ability and sensitivity are clearly inspired by her joyous personality that transform her artworks into radiant, exuberant and carefree examples of enthralling and charming sculpture.


Julie Windler from the USA, is an extremely original functional potter that takes this craft into the world of art with an exceptional taste and creativity. Her works are of a superb and sublime nature. Beauty in stoneware.




These marvellous representatives of this tactile and plastic form of art gave a true 360⁰ dimension to the exhibition. The Chianciano Biennale is certainly one of the most prestigious events in the world of art today. It is a spectacular celebration of contemporary art where, thanks to these creative talents, sculpture take its place as protagonist.