Lean Arts: The Motherboard of 21st Century Art

by Rhian Bennett

Newly discovered artist, Lean, offers an insightful exploration of the modern day existence through his innovative creations. Focusing on the power of technology and its impact on our relationship with nature and one another, Lean conveys a sense of our frantic contemporary existence through his use of bold geometric lines, neon colour palette and illuminated subjects.

Often featuring the symbol of the power button, Lean’s works offer a critical view of the unceasing power of technology and its overarching hold on modern society. His works are a fusion of colour, light and digital images highlighting the digital maze we find ourselves trapped in today. One of his untitled pieces, featuring a butterfly perched on the power symbol, cleverly demonstrates our increasing entanglement of technology and nature and the inseparability between them. Natural subjects are transformed through a digital perspective, using exaggerated bright colours and bold visions and Lean also uses a combination of graffiti work within his paintings, offering a fresh take on this art form. Motherboards feature frequently in his works, displaying a chaotic mix of light and colours to represent modern life today.
Lean is an innovative and exciting artist with a strong modern consciousness, exploring the hold of power today and asks the questions of whether we will ever truly be able to switch off.