The 2015 Chianciano Biennale hosts top class artists.

The 2015 Chianciano Biennale has just ended, leaving us with the sensation of having taken part in a landmark event that has been a lesson, an experience and a moment of growth more than just an exhibition of contemporary art.

The quality of the artworks and absolute top class of the artists selected, was stunning.

Important names and personalities all gathered together in this beautiful neoclassical building that is the Chianciano Art Museum, a few kilometres from the beautiful city of Siena, in the heart of Tuscany that, for ten days, was transformed into the centre of contemporary art in the world.


Aelita Andre, the enfant prodige of painting from Australia. The “new Jackson Pollock” according to The New York Times. The eight year old phenomenon that exhibited her incredible talent, live, in a square in the centre of Chianciano in front of a large number of experts, critics, collectors and guests. An incredible artist whose young age takes nothing from her talent and creativity.





Richard Milek, from Poland. One of the best pastel artists in the world. Member of the Polish Pastel Society and honorary member of the American Association of Pastel Artists. A unique and stunning artist whose artworks are appreciated all over the world.


Roman Opalinski, from Ukraine, an eclectic master of the arts. His paintings are a melange of Russian/Ukrainian and western art, with the rare characteristic of continuing his paintings on the frames that enclose these masterpieces of beauty and creativity.







Kristi Rene, from the USA, a self-taught painter, a force of nature. An artist who leaves the viewer with the strong feeling of contemplating the true significance of expressionistic art through her incredible talent and ability to convey emotions.



Marcel Schreur, from The Netherlands, a painter whose exquisite sensitivity is represented by the rich, lush paintwork and extensively symbolic subjects that ornate every canvas he gives birth to. He painted a portrait of Pope Francis I that is now part of the personal collection of the Holy Father.






Ercolina Visca, from Italy. An astonishing, polyhedral artist, whose works have been exhibited in museums all around Europe. Her incredible expressiveness, at times gentle and elegant, other times joyous and vivid are always an emotional journey into beauty and splendour.




Paul Ygartua, from the UK, a painter whose fame has no boundaries. An artist who became the emblem of British Columbia and that left his signature on the most impressive murals in the world. His canvases are so overwhelming and magnificent. Colour, dynamism, symbology, passion and draughtsmanship all mixed together for the creation of a masterpiece.







Carlos Del Secco, from Italy, whose ink drawings are an elegant melange between abstraction and architecture. A very intense and intriguing artist. A man that depicts the very structure of our subconscious. Refined, sophisticated and intellectually stimulating artworks flow from his talented hands and mind.





Daniela Grifoni, also from Italy. A painter whose textures and colours are so luxurious and flowing that they come alive with incredible vigour and brilliance. An artist who has just received a “laurea honoris causa” for her art by the most important Italian art historian and critic, Vittorio Sgarbi at the world famous Festival Dei Due Mondi in Spoleto.







The winner of the 2015 Biennale “Leonardo Award for Painting” is Edmund Ian Grant, from the USA. An exceptional self-taught artist who has exhibited in countries worldwide with his eclectic styles that range from painting to digital art. He has won innumerable prizes and awards and whose accomplishments have certainly placed him among the great contemporary artists of today.








These exceptional artists were accompanied by another 90 artists, from all five continents around the world, of equal merit and talent who made this 2015 Chianciano Biennale into the most brilliant and precious diamond on the crown jewels of contemporary art today.