Viktor Maidancic: the Laws of Nature release the flow of variation

The Unexpected Logic


viktor-maidancic-artist-elena-foschiViktor Maidancic's work is a harmonious ensemble of order and chaos. 

Maidancic is a Bosnian artist that in 2008 celebrates his 50 years of exhibitions in different countries around Europe. Born in Ivanjska (Bosnia) and was awarded first prize for his graduation work at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade. Artist and mathematician, philosopher and scientist, Maidancic communicates with geometrical shapes, sequences and variation, on the basis of an inherent mathematical logic, like the Golden Section or the Fibonacci Sequence. His rigorous lines and structures follow fixed rules, in a complexity that  our eyes  can immediately perceive. But there is also a magnificent beauty that derives from the variations and irregularities that “close the circle”. The paint shines through the layers on the boards, creating the unexpected imaginative angle on the geometrical structures. 

Viktor Maidancic describes his paintings as “an instance of geology on a single square meter, where natural processes such as crystallization, erosion, and sedimentation interact.” Focusing on the first impact with his works, our attention detects an order, a recognizable shape and harmonic scenery. But suddenly we feel attracted to surprising elements. 



We are drawn to irregularities. His works are like music: we expect an orchestra with strict rules but we also hope for some unexpected notes that give a unique rhythm. To Maidancic painting is the perfect balance between mathematical structure and beauty. 

A wonderful hymn to the laws of nature, enriched by a calibrated drawing and brilliant hues: by addingnew layers on the boards, the colours sing, assembling  themselves in new structures and contrasts.


By Elena Foschi