Vivienne Westwood in the London Art Biennale Auction

The famous maison de mode Vivienne Westwood donated a splendid handbag to the London Art Biennale for the opening Charity Auction. But that’s not all. This important donation united three different art disciplines: visual art, music and fashion design. The Westwood handbag was an enormous success and the English fashion designer proved once again that she has nothing to envy French and Italian fashion.
A memorable opening accompanied by Vivaldi’s music and combined with a selection of famous wines from the Strozzi Princes, from their thousand year old vineyard. The Strozzis are direct descendents of Leonardo da Vinci’s model for “Mona Lisa”. Also of interest, Lorenzo the Magnificent, leader of Renaissance Florence, sent a case of this very same "Vernaccia" to the Pope in the 1500s as a gift.
A marvellous evening that takes Chelsea back to its ancient glory when this beautiful London borough was known for great artists such as Lord Leighton, Alma-Tadema and Augustus John. Peter Gagliardi, Elena Foschi, Mia Ciupic, Larss and Mona Giseus just to mention but a few curators and members of the welcome committee gave a great contribution to the success of this event.
The Mayor of the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, Councillor Mrs. Elizabeth Rutherford opened the exhibition accompanied by the District Governor of the London Rotary Club, Helen Antoniou, and important personalities from the Kensington and Chelsea Foundation and the London Air Ambulance.