Antonio Sbrana and the Post-Macchiaioli movement

Tuscan painter, Antonio Sbrana’s work is a breath of fresh air that transports viewers to the stunning Italian countryside through the hazy hues he expertly deploys to capture what it truly means to be alive and content within one’s surroundings. The highly elite Post-Macchiaioli movement, of which Antonio Sbrana was an esteemed member of, was a precursor to Impressionism and defined by a love of colour and light, which was utilised to depict peaceful rural life and landscapes, something which is definitely evident within Sbrana’s paintings. As a graduate of the Florence Academy of Fine Arts, acquaintance of the famous Guido Guidi, and a member of the Iabronic group, of which Amedeo Modigliani was also a member of, Antonio Sbrana’s work is highly regarded and he has won several awards for his skillful and dreamy compositions and his astonishing ability to capture each and every minute detail from a natural landscape down to the forgotten colours of a summer morning’s sky. Sbrana sacrifices no passion in executing each and every painting he has completed with talent and paintings evocative of the famous Paul Cezanne. One does not have to explain the work of Antonio Sbrana as his painterly strokes of vivid colour speak for themselves while drawing in the eye and capturing the heart.