Larisa Davatz

A melange of excellence


Larisa Davatz, born in China and brought up in Russia where she studied at the famous Vasily Surikov Moscow State Academy Art Institute, is a unique and very intense painter whose works are infused with the History of Art itself. 


The elegant poses of her subjects are distinctive of that static harmony typical of Gothic Art and Russian Iconography, while the details of her figures - elongated and languidly poised necks and hands - recall the master of Italian Mannerism, Parmigianino. The sensuality and allurement of her canvases remind us of Pre-Raphaelite Sir Edward Burne-Jones, while her compositions are reminiscent of Victor Brauner’s Surrealism, in which visual imagination is freed from the constraints of reason and logic in order to harness the subconscious to produce revelatory, stimulating images. Davatz is a master of light and shadow and she uses this technique to enhance the mystery of her scenes. Brilliant areas of pure 

colour create delicate spatial harmonies even in the use of complementary colours.


A melange of exclusive and differing styles and philosophies that

coexist in consonance and beauty in Larissa’s works, but originate from her knowledgeable mind, sensitive soul and talented hands. The mystical harmony of rich colours and the poetic subject matter translate visual perception into a forceful and emotional communication that is both spiritual and metaphysical. An extraordinary artist that will not ever leave us neutral. The viewer is called to attention and reflection, to analysis and synthesis by the remarkably seductive charm of Larisa’s oeuvre. As the ‘Supreme Poet’ Dante said: “Beauty awakens the soul to act” and our souls are truly awakened by Larisa Davatz.



Karen Lappon
Art Critic
International Confederation of Art Critics